Dr. Thomas Jiang


Dr. Thomas Jiang grew up in central Canada in the city of Winnipeg. Being raised in Canada but with an Asian heritage, he is fluent in both Chinese and English. He received his dental education in 2004 from the University of Manitoba after completing his Bachelors Degree in Science. Dr. Jiang and his wife moved to Vancouver together to start a new and exciting career in the dental profession.

Dr. Jiang finds practicing dentistry very exhilarating and appreciates that it is an evolving field. His goal is to treat individuals with kindness and respect while using the best quality materials and the most proven procedures. He truly believes every individual is unique and every situation has its own set of circumstances. He also believes that as more information is available to the public, dentistry is continuing down a path of increased patient knowledge and this sets the stage for a very educated, growing population with high expectations. As a health care provider, he feels it is necessary not only to meet these expectations but to surpass them.

Outside of dentistry, Dr Jiang enjoys dining out, watching movies and traveling with his family. He loves to play sports such as basketball, football, tennis, golf and baseball.

Dr. Jiang is inspired by courageous efforts. He believes we all face unique challenges in our daily lives and sometimes it takes a lot of courage and strength to be able to deal with these challenges.