Ready to get the smile you’ve always wanted? Let’s do it!

A cosmetic smile makeover is a big decision to make. If you’re planning a makeover to your teeth or a whole new smile, you need to partner with a professional who you trust completely. The investment can be significant. Getting cosmetic dental treatments is a totally different experience from getting essential or emergency dental treatment. It’s probably affected you in many ways and been something you’ve wanted for a long time. It’s important to do your research to make the best and most informed decision.

Types of cosmetic dentistry near you

It’s best to meet with your dentist to discuss your concerns and the best solutions for your specific case. Cosmetic dentistry can involve a number of different treatments, including:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Replacing amalgam fillings with white fillings
  • Teeth straightening with Invisalign or orthodontic treatments
  • Crowns and veneers
  • Implants and bridges
Cosmetic Dentistry in Vancouver

Benefits of visiting a cosmetic dentist

A cosmetic dental makeover can enhance your teeth, smile, and overall appearance. But did you know that visiting a cosmetic dentist can do more than that? Cosmetic dentistry near you can help improve your self-confidence and self-esteem. There are a number of reasons to consider a cosmetic makeover, including early dental development, poor oral health, and gum disease. These issues can result in problems that affect the appearance of your teeth and smile, and have an impact on the function of your teeth, mouth, and jaw.

Injuries and accidents also play a role. You may have damaged teeth, broken teeth, or missing teeth, including issues stemming from sports injuries. This may impact the surrounding teeth. You may have been living with a compromised smile for many years before deciding to visit a cosmetic dentist in Vancouver and considering the options available for you.

Get prepared

When you book at one of our dental practices for cosmetic dentistry in Vancouver, you most likely have a lot of questions and want to know the process involved. That’s understandable. It’s useful to think ahead about what your dentist or specialist will need to know to guide you on your journey. Generally, your cosmetic dentist or specialist will ask you about your medical history and then thoroughly examine your mouth, teeth, gums, jaw, tongue, throat, sinuses, ears, nose, and neck. You may also need an x-ray.

Our dentist in Vancouver will ask you some questions, such as:

  • What are hoping to achieve?
  • What are you happy about?
  • What are you unhappy about?
  • What’s your biggest concern?
  • How has this issue affected you?

Think about your answers to these questions before your cosmetic dentistry appointment. Being prepared can speed up the process.


It really depends on the type and extent of cosmetic treatment you decide on. To achieve your desired result, you may go for one simple treatment or a series of treatments. It’s best to see a dentist or specialist to discuss what you’re hoping to achieve and the possible course of action. Your dentist talks you through it all. When you book online, simply select an appointment for cosmetic dentistry in Vancouver.

There are a number of options available to enhance your smile, depending on the condition of your teeth and what you’re hoping to achieve. Some cosmetic dentistry treatments include teeth whitening, crowns and veneers, bonding, orthodontic treatments and implants. Talk to your dentist or specialist about your concerns and your treatment options.

There are lots of options available. The best place to start is by visiting your dentist to discuss what you’re hoping to achieve. They can talk to you about the various treatments and what would be best for you. Some options available include cosmetic bonding, veneers and crowns, dental implants and bridges. In some cases, it may be as simple as teeth whitening and improved oral health habits.

Good oral health habits and regular appointments with your dentist and hygienist are a great place to start if you want whiter teeth. If you think you want to treat yellow teeth, there are various teeth whitening options available. These range from home treatments to entire cosmetic makeovers at your dentist. We recommend that you start by talking with your dentist. By understanding what you’re hoping to achieve, they can outline the best options for you.

Sometimes, reconstructive cosmetic dentistry is required to repair damage to your teeth and mouth. And sometimes, problems you’re experiencing with your teeth can be prevented by taking good care of your oral health. That means a combination of at-home dental care and building a great relationship with your dentist.

We recommend daily healthy habits and regular visits to the dentist. For optimum oral health:

  • Practice good oral hygiene habits at home including brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day
  • Book hygiene visits with your dental hygienist at least twice each year
  • Book routine exam and x-rays visits with your dentist once each year

We know that when you look after your oral health properly with regular preventative care, you’ll be less likely to need to see a dentist in an emergency. You’re also likely to spend less money at the dentist over time.