Worn Teeth

Teeth that appear worn out are usually a result of gradual loss, erosion, and abrasion of the tooth’s outer surface. Enamel, the hard shell that covers your teeth, protects them from damage caused by consuming hot, cold, and sugary food and drinks. Additionally, it is the reason why your teeth appear white. Unfortunately, enamel cannot be naturally replaced once lost but can be repaired or controlled. Factors such as decay, fillings, acidic food and drinks, and clenching and grinding can damage enamel and cause teeth to become flat, yellow, or sensitive. Bruxism, a condition that causes teeth to crack or flatten, is one of the most common causes of enamel damage.


  • Having hollows and the surface and edges of your teeth wearing away.
  • Yellow teeth, due to the enamel slowly eroding.
  • Sensitivity can also be present, which you may notice when you eat or drink something that’s hot, cold, sugary or acidic.
Worn Teeth


Tooth erosion typically happens when your teeth have been exposed to something acidic. This causes the enamel to become softer, and it can start to erode. Your saliva is alkaline. It helps to balance any acidity. If there’s too much acid present or it occurs repeatedly, your mouth may not have time to repair itself, and your enamel may slowly be worn away.

Acid in the mouth comes from a number of sources. It’s most often from sugary food and drinks like sodas, fruit juice, alcohol and vinegar. Drinks high in caffeine can also cause problems. Other things that can contribute include:

  • Vomiting often
  • Some medications, including aspirin and vitamin C
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Brushing your teeth too hard

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