Holidays Tips from Inspire Dental Group, your Port Moody Dentist

The holiday season typically brings family and friends together and most of us tend to gather around meals and yummy snacks while enjoying each other’s company. But during this fun and festive time of year, it is easy to get busy and forget about the little things. Don’t let your teeth be one of them. Inspire Dental Group, your Port Moody dentist, has compiled the following tips to keep you and your family’s teeth healthy this holiday season!Port Moody Dentist

1. Limit the number of carbonated beverages you consume. Soda pop being very acidic, and having high sugar content, can be very damaging for your teeth. This combination causes the breakdown of the natural protective structure of the teeth and increases your chance of developing cavities. To reduce sugar and acid exposure to your teeth use a straw to drink these beverages to reduce the amount of sugars and acids from sitting on the teeth. Also, try to rinse your mouth with water, or ideally brush your teeth immediately after drinking the soda.

2. Limit your exposure to sticky foods this holiday season. We know it’s hard! But we also know that sugar can increase your risk of dental cavities. Hard and sticky foods can damage teeth while chewing and can easily get stuck in the grooves and in between your teeth, increasing your risk of cavities. Chewy, sticky foods, like candy canes, caramel and toffee may also pull out your fillings. So if you can, remember to floss daily and use a mouthwash with fluoride to help keep your tooth enamel strong!

3. Pack your toothbrush and dental floss. With the hustle and bustle whether you’re travelling or party-hopping, brushing and flossing can fall by the wayside. It is important to remember to brush a few times per day and floss at least once. You can also try chewing sugarless gum during the day, as it helps stimulate your saliva which is a natural cleanser for the teeth. If you need a need a new toothbrush, floss or even a toothbrush holder, stop by Inspire Dental Group in Suterbrook Village in Port Moody and we’ll be happy to provide one for you for FREE!

4. Are you naughty or nice to your teeth? Try to avoid cracking nuts or chewing on ice cubes, nail biting, or using our teeth as tools. Chewing on hard objects puts a lot of stress on your teeth and can cause the teeth to chip or crack. What better time of the year to form good habits for 2014! If you can get into the habit of brushing for two minutes every morning and every night and after every meal during the holidays, you may keep those good habits when your regular routine resumes.

5. Get your professional cleaning and check up done BEFORE the New Year. No one wants to spend their holidays or start the New Year with toothaches or dental emergencies. Have your comprehensive dental examination and professional dental cleaning completed prior to the holidays to help reveal any concern areas that may need immediate attention. Our dentists at Inspire Dental Group in Port Moody will be happy to help you maintain your beautiful, healthy smile throughout the year.
To avoid any dental emergencies over the holidays, call our team at Inspire Dental Group today! Leaving a problem for a week or two may seem like no big deal, but can make the dental problem worse by waiting. Time is of the essence!

Follow these tips from the team at Inspire Dental Group Port Moody to have a tooth friendly holiday season!

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